Hippo Campus’ 2nd album a cohesive piece of art

Mel Acosta, Opinion Editor

The ability to be completely vulnerable in music is something that is abundantly praised. The Minnesota native indie rock band, Hippo Campus, aren’t newcomers to this concept.

Their newly released sophomore album “Bambi” touches on matters such as mental health, toxic masculinity, youth, and love. All these themes combined translate to an honest and cohesive piece of art.

Since it’s Sept. 28, release, “Bambi” has completely won over the hearts of alternative music fans.

Hippo Campus, composed of Jake Luppen, Nathan Stocker, Zach Sutton, Whistler Allen, and Decarlo Jackson, have taken a new approach to their music styling this time around. “Bambi” takes head-on the struggles of anxiety, depression, and their ability to fog up all your headspace. The chorus composes the real emotion behind feeling as if your mental health is a burden to your friends and family: “I haven’t been much myself and I feel like my friends are being put through this hell I’m feeling. I think that I’m living, if you could call it living. So brash and unforgiving, ruled by the vibe I’m bringing.” While the tune itself is upbeat and thriving with percussion sounds, its lyrics are sure to leave you in a hazy wonder.

There’s a bit of “the good” and “the bad” sides of reality that all the themes take on. While there are a few tracks that weigh heavy on all the difficulties and insecurities that mental illnesses bring, they also have tracks that feel like air.

“Think It Over,” with all of its cool and relaxing sounds, repeats the idea that “you’ve got time to think it over, you’ve got time to think it through”. This then steadily deviates into “Bubbles”. It’s just as gentle and reassuring, but shifts to accurately portray the unexpected rise of panic and its inevitable downfall.

On the concept of relationships, the band touches on what toxic and sincere ones may feel like. “Why Even Try” grips onto the idea of not knowing where something is going and deciding that it’s better to just let it crumble instead of addressing the issues. It’s gloomy but charming with its stubbornness laced in truth. Its perception is brought to light with a gentle acoustic guitar that gradually switches to an electric guitar bop. It’s opposite counterpart, “Doubt” is sweet in its expression of love. It intertwines raw experiences with possibility and the fear of the unknown. The good fear. The kind that makes your stomach flutter and daydream. All possible with a high electric ostinato throughout the verses that swiftly moves to percussion for the chorus.

The attention to every minor aspect in each song is incredibly thoughtful and achieves just what a listener needs.

Everything comes to a close with “Passenger”, bringing wistful tones and fading thoughts. It’s echoing background sets up the perfect ambiance to just sit and reflect. It’ll make you long for the vulnerable lyrics and lovely progression.

The Hippo Campus boys bring on the sort of unusual hits everyone needs to hear. Their sensitive, relatable, and relevant music creations radiate warmth and understanding, the perfect refreshing combination.

While their style is ever evolving, they continue to bring delicately insightful views into the alternative scene. “Bambi” is an outstanding collection of songs that blossom with passion and truth, leaving listeners with a tender sense of content.