Where to eat when you can’t eat everything


Adler’s has a great gluten-free menu.

Mara Gillett, Staff Writer

Eating out can be a difficult ordeal for someone who has food sensitivities. Cross contamination makes it risky for people with food sensitivities to deal with and can deter some from social outings that involve dining out as a result.

But it doesn’t have to be, and it shouldn’t be. There are options out there, and I’m going to share five that I have discovered while previously being on a gluten free diet.  I made certain to cover a variety of different venues in Madison to cater to different tastes, so let’s begin, shall we?

First off, I’ll start off with a traditional eat-in restaurant on the west side of Madison. R.P. Adler’s Bar & Grill is located near West Aldi and Petsmart off Watts Road. They offer alternatives for some of their offerings, like gluten free buns, pizza and noodles for their pasta, and also can prepare most of their dishes the way the customer requests.  If a dish has a certain ingredient that can’t be substituted, the staff will let you know. 

Down the road on Junction is Huhot Mongolian Grill. They offer an all-you-can-eat, stir-fry experience. All of their sauces and food items are allergen labeled, and they offer special bowls to their customers in order to inform the grill operator of food sensitivities. This lets the grill operator know to keep the dish separate from the others being prepared, and they will clean off the grill’s surface before preparation to ensure no cross-contamination.

Jac’s Dining and Taphouse on Monroe Street is one of the few restaurants in Madison that cooks in a dedicated gluten free kitchen. They offer plenty of gluten-free options on their menu, along with regular options for other folks.

For an eat-in or takeout venue, Buffalo Wild Wings caters to individuals with food sensitivities. They offer a listing with the ingredients of all their options when asked, and they are one of the few chicken wing places that don’t flour their wings.  They also prepare their wings in a gluten free fryer. They will also do substitutions on their menu items when asked.

For somebody looking for a more local feel, there’s Common Ground in Middleton.  A nice little dine-in and takeout eatery, they offer gluten free options on their menu, and have gluten free bakery options to choose from.  They also have made a point to source locally and sustainably, so you can expect good quality ingredients in whatever you order.

Although many places are now catering to the needs of food sensitive individuals, most are limited with their offerings. Hopefully this list will help somebody with find a place to eat out with more options.