Students ready to ‘Seize the Means of Production’

Melyna Acosta, Staff Writer

While the phrase “seize the means of production” has generally been rooted with communist theory, it’s taking on a different president at Madison College. Established by two students, India Freeman and Julia Hackler, “Seize The Means Of Production” aims to give students an opportunity to create an entire theatrical production following all their own rules, with minimal contributions from staff.

The generation of its title was originally meant to be eye catching and, while it achieves this, it also brings upon the same general idea of its original meaning: to take full control of something and use it to benefit everyone. In this case, students get to develop, design, and produce their own shows and other Madison College students and faculty members get to enjoy them.

Regarding the development of the namesake, Freeman stated “I think I brought up Soviet propaganda posters and we all thought it would be fun to have communist posters around. The name was meant to follow the theme and be a pun for theatre production.”

“Seize The Means Of Production” is already in full swing. Currently, directors are getting chosen and Hackler is communicating with them regarding their proposal applications. Freeman says that three is the goal on directors. The producers, which includes both Freeman and Hackler, make up a team of five. Student directors have the option of proposing original plays, but it is by no means a requirement. The directing aspect, and all that falls beneath that, is what is primarily being focused on.

This isn’t Madison College’s first time presenting self-directed student plays. In the Spring semester of 2017, “Love/Sick” was directed entirely by students. There have been a handful of others, as well. “Seize The Means Of Production,” although, brings the new concept of multiple shows with different directors. These all then entail assistance from other students involved in Madison College Performing Arts.

“We’re displaying what the students can do,” says Freeman. The ability for students to showcase their talents in the design and production of theater provides them with hands on understanding and experience. “Theater teaches great lessons to people,” continued Freeman. “Seize The Means Of Production” brings upon the notion of initiative and those at Madison College benefit from the idea of finding, having, and achieving goals.

All plays will be accessible for the public and it is highly encouraged that Madison College students and faculty make an attempt to attend as it will be a direct reflection of students accomplishments when the big picture is in their hands.