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Action Comics is celebrating issue No. 1,000

Matt Withers, Arts Editor

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It’s not everyday that you get to see a landmark event in comics. Especially not one as large as hitting 1000 issues. But here we are, celebrating 80 years and 1000 issues of the big, blue Boy Scout Superman. “Action Comics #1000” is exactly what it sets out to be, a birthday celebration of everything we love about the man of steel, and it does it masterfully.

This book is the culmination of DC’s best writers and artists giving us short stories from all across Superman’s history, and each stands to highlight an aspect of why the character is so important and why he’s endured.

The first story is written and drawn by Superman veteran Dan Jurgens. It takes place on Metropolis’s “Superman Appreciation Day” and the entire story is Lois trying to convince Clark to stop worrying about saving the world and just enjoy the fruits of his labors. Obviously, Superman has a hard time agreeing to this because he’s constantly worried about protecting others. The story is punctuated with citizens of Metropolis telling stories about times Superman has changed their lives for the better and eventually the rest of the DC Universe’s heroes show up to give their appreciation as well, with Wonder Woman remarking about how none of them would be there without him. The subtext here isn’t very deep, but it is effective. It’s a short and sweet reminder that Superman was the first superhero and he’s changed the way the world works because of that, both the fictional one and the one we live in.

The next story that stand out is written by current Superman writer Peter J. Tomasi and artist Patick Gleason. It’s a simple story of Sups being sent through time to relive important eras of his history. While the story is simple, the way it’s told is what makes it special. Each page is a masterfully drawn full page image of a different era that superman participated in. From his first appearance to his latest issue each page is wonderfully depicting and there’s something for everyone to latch on to and fall in love with.

“Action Comics #1000” is something that you have to experience yourself. Each story is expertly crafted and each page is beautifully drawn. It’s the perfect way to celebrate Superman. If you’re not a Superman fan, give this piece of history a chance, you might find yourself in the same place and me and the book saying, “Thank You Superman.”

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Action Comics is celebrating issue No. 1,000