Yahara Journal art show on display in the Truax Gallery through April 13


Megan Binkley / Clarion

The Yahara Journal Art Show is now on display in the Truax Gallery. It features the artwork of 53 Madison College students.

Clarion Staff Report

The Yahara Journal Student Art Show opened in the Truax Gallery earlier this month and will be on display through April 13.

Featuring the work of 53 students, the show consists of 132 individual pieces, the most ever displayed in the annual show.

A grand opening celebration is scheduled for Friday, March 23, from 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Winners of the best of show contest will be announced during the event.

“The variety of styles and media used is something I really like about the show our student group holds,” said Doug Kirchberg, the Yahara Journal advisor.

The show includes paintings, photographs, charcoal drawings, digital drawings, ceramics, jewelry and multiple mixed media items.

“I think we’ve got more ceramic and jewelry pieces than we’ve had in any previous Yahara Journal show,” Kirchberg said. “It’s really impressive to see all the different types of art our students are involved in.”

While the show has no designated theme, it offers a true slice of today’s social environment, with students sharing their perspectives on the world around them.

The artistry is impressive, and it’s clear how much time, effort and creativity the students put into their efforts.

“One of the pieces that just amazed me when I first saw it was Ida Sobotik’s self-portrait made out of glued-together clippings from National Geographic magazine,” Kirchberg said. “I can’t imagine how long she had to search for just the right color tone in each individual piece.”

The Yahara Journal has been hosting a student art show since 2005, when the group took it over from the Student Senate, which began the initiative in 2003.

All of the items submitted for the art show will be considered for publication in this year’s Yahara Journal, which will be available on campus at the end of April.