The world is ending, time to fall in love

Adrienne Oliva, Editor in Chief

The Netflix original show “End of the F***ing World” follows a stereotypical teenage trope: Girl meets boy, girl and boy run away together, girl and boy have life changing adventure that comes to a tragic end. Though it’s story structure is familiar, there is nothing predictable about this show.

All the way up to the season finale, there was never a point where I knew what was coming next.

The show subverts teenage stereotypes by going beyond “edge” and “angst” to being full on insane and violent. There is abuse, murder, drugs and all-around discomfort.

The show follows an unconventional pair of 17-year-olds – James, played by Alex Lawther, and Alyssa, played by Jessica Barden. The plot subverts expectations right at the beginning. Rather than taking interest in Alyssa because she is a potential love interest, James takes interest in her because she could potentially be someone he could kill.

Convinced he is a psychopath, James decides the next logical step in his life is to find someone to kill, so he befriends Alyssa.

The two bond over their mutual irregularities and dislike of most people. Jessica is far braver and daring than James, which often leads to people not liking her, as she speaks far too much of what’s on her mind. James is more planned and tactful, but can’t quite understand or express anything he feels.

The two end up running away from the town they hate after James punches his dad in the face and steals his car.

Things eventually begin to fall apart, as most things like this do, and the two find themselves in a type of trouble they can no longer run away from.

I highly recommend giving this subversive teen adventure a watch. It is almost like watching a train wreck in slow motion, but it is just slightly more romantic than that.