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Drake’s new album delivers: ‘Scary Hours’ offers Hip Hop fans even more they can like

Drake released his new album,

Drake released his new album, "Scary Hours," on Jan. 19.

Young Money Entertainment/Cash Money Records

Young Money Entertainment/Cash Money Records

Drake released his new album, "Scary Hours," on Jan. 19.

Ethan Maurice, Staff Writer

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Drake set the world on fire when he dropped his new EP “Scary Hours,” a two-track taste of what the “6 God” has been up to since his “More Life” playlist dropped. Of course, the internet goes crazy any time Drake drops music, and this was no different.

But were his songs any good?

Any time an artist drops a project, it is instantly put under intense scrutiny, especially when the artist is one of the top rappers in the world. “Scary Hours” is no different, and hip-hop magazines and internet rap nerds alike have joined together to discuss this project.

Both tracks are very Drake. They’re classic Drake beats, and classic Drake flows. While the song structures are a little bit different, he still raps about classic Drake things, (money and success, god, and paranoia) and has a few fantastic lines.

“They try to compare us but like a job straight out of high school, there’s no you and I (U.N.I.),” Drake talks about women from his past another common theme, and shouted out J-Lo and possibly fired a veiled diss at her boyfriend Alex Rodriguez.

“God’s Plan” is exactly what you’d expect a Drake song to sound like. He sings about things that he can’t control, and girls who don’t love him enough. This song is having a classical layout, with verses and a repeating hook. While it sounds good, it probably won’t be his most remembered song.

On “Diplomatic Immunity,” we see a little bit of a different song structure. There really isn’t a hook, and its straight bars from Drizzy. He goes in on a couple different things like his struggle to build his huge Toronto Apartment, and SZA’s talent as a performer. He also tries to distance himself from Rhianna, whose first name, Robyn, appears around the time he talks about Italian restaurants.

“Diplomatic Immunity” is Drake trying to strengthen his position as a rapper. With songs in his discography like One Dance, Passionfruit and Take Care, he really isn’t the toughest cat in the rap game. But with songs like this, you can’t doubt his lyrical ability and raw power.

For someone who is a fan of what Drake has already done, it will be refreshing to see him go in with as many bars as “Diplomatic Immunity” has. While the other track is lackluster at best, “Diplomatic Immunity” is a transition from singer Drake from “More Life” to rapper Drake, closer to his 2014 album “Nothing Was the Same.” For a casual hip hop fan, whatever your perception of Drake already is, this release won’t change it. For me, it was a great hold-over until Drake’s bigger project drops later in 2018.

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Drake’s new album delivers: ‘Scary Hours’ offers Hip Hop fans even more they can like