Partnering to help out pets



The Paws & Effect: Animals in Education show in the Truax Gallery was a collaboration between vet tech and photography students.

Andrew Kicmol, Staff Writer

If you walk into the Paws and Effect: Animals in Education show in the Truax Gallery, you’ll see the animals ranging from mice that can fit in your hand to cows and horses.

The gallery comes from a collaboration of the veterinary technician program and the photography program.

The gallery show helps promote both programs along with raising awareness that Madison College has animals that can be adopted, something that maybe not enough people know about.

“We wanted to do this show because we wanted to raise awareness about pet adoptions at Madison College and we wanted to raise awareness about our partnerships with local humane societies,” said administrative specialist Wendy Franczak.

The partnership with local humane societies allows the students of the pet tech program to get hands on experience giving animals treatment like spay or neutering and giving any vaccines needed, along with helping out the human society get some of their animals adopted. The bigger animals like the cows, horses and goats are on loan from local farms and are returned once the semester is done with.

The collaboration of the two programs came from a desire to have a more professional take on the photography of the animals, instead of having the vet tech students do the photography as they have in years past. Working with the photo students helped showcase the animals better along with stealing a few hearts and adoption of animals was increased last semester.

Photography students who took pictures of the animals were all second year students in the photography program and volunteered to do the pictures that went up in the gallery.

All the animals shown in the gallery are from last semester and have been either adopted or returned to their farms and shelters. The team up was a success for both programs and they will work together again this semester to show off animals that need adopting.

If you would like a new furry companion the vet tech program will have new animals ready for adoption at the end of this semester.

Animals to adopt can be found at