Brockhampton and the art of saturating the market

Adrienne Oliva, Editor in Chief

Brockhampton is what Odd Future could have been if all the members were actually talented.
The self-proclaimed boyband has been making waves in the hip hop scene by oversaturating it with three albums this past year: “Saturation,” “Saturation II,” and “Saturation III.”

Brockhampton has a large amount of members, but there are no weak links in their group.

Perhaps the best testament to the sheer amount of talent in Brock-hampton is the trio of albums they successfully released. Despite the massive amount of content Brockhampton produced in 2017, there were very few songs that disappointed on each album. For the most part, each album contained nothing but exciting and diverse hits.

It is impossible to show someone just one Brockhampton song to explain what their sound is like. The group continually experiments within their genre, leading to songs that sound unique from each other. It is an impressive feat to release three albums in one year and have each song stand out on its own, rather than having the songs mesh together.

For example, on “Saturation,” the first release of 2017 by the group, the songs range from seeping with rage to sighing with heartbreak.

On the first song of the album, “HEAT,” the lyrics range from annoyed to violent. Brockhampton member JOBA’s verse only contains one phrase, “F*ck you. I’ll break your neck so you can watch your back.”

Conversely, on the second to last song of the album, “FACE,” features all the members rapping and singing about love and love lost. JOBA shows a completely different side of himself on this track than he did on “HEAT” as he angelically sings the chorus of the track: “Tell me what you’re waiting for, I just want to love you…”

One thing that makes Brockhampton so consistently original is the number of unique and talented personalities that make up the group. Each member has something that they offer to the sound.

For example, Kevin Abstract, the founder of the group, offers consistent and powerful rap verses that challenge the idea of masculinity in rap. Merlyn Wood acts as somewhat of a hype man, but doesn’t lose quality in his verses like other hype men in the rap genre. JOBA brings both solid raps and vocals to the group in consistently unexpected ways. Ameer Vann lends his deep voice to the group that leads to both tough and sultry rhymes.

These are just four of the talented members the large rap boy band. Though too many members can sometimes be a hindrance for a group, Brockhampton has showed that all their members are able to offer consistency and talent to the group’s past three efforts.