Heritage Habitat show on display at Truax Gallery

Mary Joan Nastri , Staff Writer

Artists Ginger-Owen-Murakami and Vicki Vanameyden are showcasing their 2013 six-sculpturally large pieces, and three of the pieces are currently at the Madison College Truax Gallery as part of the Heritage Habitats show.

The exhibit displays family photos of the artists and pictures from the 1920s National Geographic Subscription magazine. The artists refer to the symbols of humanity that bond our lives, with everyday items like hankies, pillows, and kites. The kites are a striking white with photos and the kite ties are attached to white, little girl’s dress.

It has a ghost-like impression, but the chosen photos are lively, and animated as if they were still engaging with the observer. The artists describe the white kite ties as “umbilical cord-like lines.”

The following sculpture is a wall of old-fashioned hankies with photos from National Geographic.

And, the last sculpture is a structure of pillows of photos to represent a gravestone.

This art installation has also been in the internationally known Art Prize competition held in Grand Rapids that is open to anyone 18 or older to showcase their art, in any medium for 19 days.