Orient House offers truly authentic Chinese food

Mary Joan Nastri, Staff Writer

It’s hard to find authentic Chinese food anywhere. Don’t get me wrong, I have my favorite ubiquitous Chinese dishes like sesame chicken and chicken with broccoli. But if you’re ready for something traditional with a modern twist, pay a visit to the new Orient House. I always discover something new in their encyclopedic menu.

If you’re truly adventurous, you may want to try the back of the menu that’s filled with very traditional dishes like Ox Tongue with Triple Chili sauce or Pork Knuckle Noodle soup. If you’re like me you’ll tiptoe into this veritable feast and go farther on each future visit to discover a world class unique cuisine.

First I started out with their wonton soup. The wontons are not huge, but delicate with a wonton skin that is very thin stuffed with a flavorful pork filling. The whole thing looks like a tiny purse of goodness. The soup is served with shredded savoy cabbage and julienned carrots. For my main dish, I ordered Shrimp with Chopped Pork sauce. The shrimp were huge and the sauce was brown with bits of seasoned pork bits. Yummy!

It’s best to go with a large group because the dishes are large and you can definitely order a few dishes to satisfy everyone. Finally, the staff is friendly and will answer any question you have about the menu. Enjoy!