Disney expands the ‘Star Wars’ empire

Andrew Kicmol, Staff Writer

When Disney took over the Star Wars galaxy, they threw out the old “Star Wars Legends” books and created their own official canon.

Under that umbrella is the show “Star Wars Rebels.” The show focuses around a small crew of rebels on their ship, the Ghost, and their attempts to disrupt the Empire.

The crew features Ezra, the latest Padawan learner, Kanan, a Jedi that escaped order 66, Hera, the skilled pilot of the Ghost and the leader of the rebel crew. There’s also a few side characters: the Aatro mech droid chopper, the alien muscle Zebb, and the graffiti artist runaway Sabine.

Taking place 14 years after Revenge of the Sith and five years before “A New Hope,” the show has to connect the prequel trilogies to the original trilogies. The show will start its fourth and final season on Oct. 16. From the trailers, the final season looks to be an emotional action-packed ending arc for the small rebellion crew of the Ghost.

It’s in season three of Rebels where the connection between trilogies really starts to solidify. Season three continues with Ezra’s training under Kanan to become a Jedi and the Ghost crew trying to disrupt the Empire at every possible turn. But there are a few key moments that stand out as to how Rebels makes the bigger connection between trilogies.

One of the big things to happen during season three was the final showdown between Darth Maul and Obi Wan Kenobi. The fight itself was short lived, as Kenobi quickly cuts down Maul in three moves; far from the acrobatic style of lightsaber duels in the Clone Wars show. This fight wasn’t about a cool light saber duel, but about two characters in two completely different places. Maul was stuck in the past unable to move on, while Kenobi has made peace with what has happened and is looking to the future.

The end of Maul was something that needed to happen, as he can’t be around by the time “A New Hope” takes place, and the character of Maul had just run its course. He no longer added anything the Star Wars universe, just something left over from the Clone Wars, while in contrast Kenobi has made the transition from Jedi warrior to old Ben that is seen in “A New Hope.”

Sabine Wren, the Mandalorian rebel of the Ghost crew has seen some strong moments in the first two seasons but in season three she emerges as a real leader for Mandalore. Sabine is able to get the loyalty of Fenn Rau the leader of the Protectors to join the rebellion. Sabine also learns how to use the Darksaber, a sword renowned by all of Mandalore, and reunites with her family who she ran away from when the Empire took control of Mandalore. Sabine’s emergence sets up something that Star Wars fans will be interested in seeing, the fall of Mandalore and the wiping out of its people, which has to happen before “A New Hope.”

Seeing the formation of the Rebellion finally happen is something that should have given Star Wars fans a chill down their spines. It’s the main purpose of the show, and it was a huge moment to see ship after ship emerge from hyperspace and form the Rebellion. The same rebellion that would eventually feature some of the most recognizable characters in all the world. The forming of the rebellion is what really makes the connection from Revenge of the Sith to A New Hope and Rebels finally delivers.

Smaller things that make connections between movies is the appearance of Saw Gerrera as a part of the Rebellion before he breaks off on his own in Rogue One, the recruitment of Wedge Antilles Luke’s friend in “A New Hope”, and finding out what happens to Geonosis and its bug inhabitants after they helped build the Death Star.