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‘The Last of August’ continues story of Charlotte Holmes

Allison Althof, Office Manager

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Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson were a match made in disaster, and the same thing applies to their great grandchildren. After a disastrous fall semester in “A Study in Charlotte,” Jamie Watson and Charlotte Holmes travel across the pond to England and the Holmes family’s estate in Sussex in “The Last of August.”

But if you think that Holmes and Watson are going to have a normal winter break, then I suggest you go back and reread the first book one more time before diving into Brittany Cavallaro’s sequel.  

The game is on for this chaotic duo for, not long after the arrival of Charlotte’s beloved Uncle Leander, the man goes missing from the family estate.

Could he be missing because of the case he was working on involving a German art forgery ring or is there something that Leander didn’t tell his niece? Determined to solve this case and nothing else, the two head to Berlin and get in touch with a ghost from Charlotte’s dark past.

Brittany Cavallaro, a University of Wisconsin alumni, has delivered another link in her Charlotte Holmes series that I personally thought had a darker feeling to it. The first book in her series did have some of that darkness as the series went and that is to be expected as Jamie and Charlotte dived into the case.

With “The Last of August,” there was definitely a dark aura surrounding the character from the very beginning.

Now, that could be because this book picks up right where “A Study in Charlotte” left off. The characters are still dealing with everything they went through and now they are being thrown into Berlin’s criminal underground as well as Charlotte’s past.

Even though this book has a different feeling from the first, which made me fall for the characters, I cannot wait to see what happens next for Holmes and Watson. Especially after the ending, that I had to read twice to make sure I was reading it right.

The new Holmes and Watson are still going and I cannot wait to see where they go next.

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‘The Last of August’ continues story of Charlotte Holmes