‘The Good Fight’ on CBS is off to a good start

Bailey Ayres, Sports Editor

“The Good Fight” is the first series on the new CBS streaming service called CBS All Access, where CBS stream some of their series online. “The Good Fight” is a political and legal show that follows the lives of two lawyers. One is just starting out and the other was about to retire before a major financial scam affected both of them.

The young lawyer, Maia Rendell (Rose Leslie), finds herself in the middle of her parents’ financial scam that affects her and her godmother, Diane Lockhart (Christine Baranski).

Lockhart forgoes retirement and continues to work as a lawyer. She wants to continue working at her old firm, but the other partners don’t want her there due to the financial scam. This leads Lockhart to find an all African-American firm to work for, the only one that would take her in as a partner. She also brings Rendell along with her.

Rendell is dealing with her parents’ situation. While working as a new lawyer she finds herself in a cycle of fake news, and what people are saying about her and her family. Rendell is also trying to prove that her father was framed.

“The Good Fight” deals with serious issues that are in our community, like police brutality. The law firm that picks up Lockhart mostly deals with police brutality cases. The show features strong women who work in a field with strong-headed men, and prove that they are as good as the male lawyers.

If you are a big fan of shows that deal with politics and law, this one is for you. If you like shows that deal with everyday issues, this is also for you. If you like watching a show where people fight for what is right, this is for you as well. Looking for a show that is entertaining? You found the right one.

With strong characters who fight for what they believe in and really good plotlines, you will be sure to be entertained when tuning in. Shows come out on CBS All Access on Sundays.