‘The Good Place’ is good for a laugh on Thursdays

Brighid Monahan, Arts and Culture Editor

“The Good Place” combines humor and fantasy to create a world where everything is perfect for everyone.

The character Michael (Ted Danson) runs the Good Place. It is a very different role for Danson, as those who have seen seen him in more serious shows like “CSI” may notice.

The Good Place is like heaven, including your soulmate, dream house, and frozen yogurt for every meal. But not everything is peachy in the Good Place. Eleanor (Kristen Bell) was brought to the Good Place by accident. She’s never been selfless and usually chooses to do things that hurt people rather than help them.

In order to make sure she can stay in the Good Place, she seeks the help of her soulmate Chahiti, a former ethics professor.

As Eleanor tries to be worthy of her new home, the bumpy road creates some destructive consequences for the neighborhood.

Check out “The Good Place” on NBC Thursdays at 9:30 p.m.