Hidden Gem: New Glarus Brewery


Allie Christensen/Clarion

Self-guided tours of the New Glarus Brewery provide a fun way to spend an afternoon learning about a Wisconsin gem.

Brighid Monahan, Arts and Culture Editor

Nestled in the hills of New Glarus, WI and known for their Norwegian heritage the New Glarus Brewing company was started in 1993 by Deborah Carey after graduating from Clackamus College, Portland, Oregon. With many beers available from pale ales to darker varieties there are 6 year beers available year round ,7 seasonal varieties and many thumbprint varieties as well. Beyond that there are also dozens more being made every year.

One of their signature beers Two Women is named after the two women that started New Glarus Brewing and Weyermann Malting breweries. This beer celebrates the two women rising to fame in the male dominated field of brewing.

After a free self-guided tour, you can visit the brewery’s expansive German style Biergarten, or beer garden for surrounded by crumbled towers and picturesque bluffs. The Garden serves the signature beers that New Glarus is known for.

Inside the gift shop there are more Wisconsin staples cheese curds, cheese shaped hats and of course their signature beer. To find where you can buy these great beers visit the brewery website http://newglarusbrewing.com.