Ramen Station offers affordable, tasty meals


Mary Joan Nastri/Clarion

Ramen station is located in a former Cousins shop on South Park Street near downtown Madison and offers traditional Japanese ramen.

Mary Joan Nastri, Staff Writer

In a former Cousins shop on S. Park Street, you’ll find Ramen Station. The inside of the restaurant is designed with a minimalist touch incorporating flashes of color, and clean, shiny table tops that belie the non-descript exterior. The food is excellently prepared with fresh ingredients and unusual flavors that do not disappoint if you enjoy traditional Japanese ramen.

Ramen, a Japanese dish of noodles and broth was imported from China, and is one of Japan’s popular dishes. Although, it may, at first, seem like a simple dish, the additions to the broth are the most interesting part. The broths come in different flavors from mild to spicy. One of the simpler broths is the chicken, which comes with a myriad of toppings, raw bean sprouts, seaweed, a large amount of thinly sliced barbequed pork, one-half of a marinated poached egg, and my favorite, steamed fish cake, and of course, the noodles. If you’d prefer more bold flavors try the miso ramen, or the tongatsu, a broth made of boiled down pork bones.

Appetizers include an array of skewers, which are like tapas, small, inexpensive bites of teriyaki flavored meats and veggies. You can make a few of these your entrée. I ordered the mushroom and chicken with scallions. They also serve a few curry dishes. The service is quick and friendly, and they will be happy to guide you with the items on the menu. The price is great for the quality of food you receive.