Madison Pride Celebration

Brighid Monahan, Arts and Culture Editor

On Aug. 21, the LGBTQ community held its annual parade, hosted by the OutReach LGBT Community Center, to celebrate the struggles, and progresses of the community. This parade included floats by many local organizations including nightclubs Plan B and Club 5, Community Theater Company StageQ, and health advocacy group PFLAG, WORT radio station, along with the Madison police and fire departments. Several church groups were also in attendance to celebrate the diversity in their community and congregations.

The day included a rally on theme of inclusion and diversity, especially in regard to race, and included speakers from Orgullo Latinx LGBT+, a new organization that seeks to connect and support Latinx people in Dane County who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender. There was also group tabling and a drag show after the parade concluded.

“The parade is more important to us as old people because we have been there for the whole struggle,” says Fran, a woman in her 80s and a member of Gay and Gray, a group for elderly LGBTQ people in the Madison area.

“I came out back in the ‘50s and that was a way bigger deal. Not everyone was so accepting.”

She smiled as she ties rainbow balloons to her Convertible, “Now Pride is a bit more like a holiday.”

The OutReach Community Center had its third parade this year with the highest attendance so far for this event. They hope that next year’s parade will be even bigger.