Summer Set celebrates its fifth year, Aug. 12-14

Eric Swanson, Staff Writer

When most people think of a major music festival in Wisconsin, they think of Summerfest. While that may be true, there are many others here in Wisconsin and Summer Set is a great one as well.

Located in Somerset, WI, this festival is celebrating its fifth year of camping and a variety of good music. The three-day event takes place from August 12-14 this year.

What started with humble beginnings and a relatively unknown lineup has now bloomed into one of the best festivals nearby for great artists. The past years at Summer Set have included some huge artists and well-known names.

Some of the heavy hitters on this year’s lineup include Skrillex, Fetty Wap, Logic and Chance the Rapper. Along side the headliners are many talented but lesser known artists. Tickets can run from $185 all the way up to $500 for VIP. The low end of the tickets is definitely friendlier to your wallet than a majority of other three-day festivals this summer. There is also payment plans available if you don’t want to pay it all at once.

To me, camping at a music festival is half the experience. I’ve been camping and been at hotels during festivals, and camping wins every time. If you’ve never been to a camping music event, I highly recommend you look into it. Festivals aren’t only about the music, they’re about the experience, and camping makes it that much better.

Each year, Summer Set brings out multiple stages to cover all of the talented artists. No matter what type of music you’re looking for, Summer Set is bound to have it.

Not a lot can beat camping and listening to great music with your friends. From the mainstream, to the underground, there’s something for everyone at Summer Set.

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