Sip and knit at the Sow’s Ear

Brighid Monihan, Staff Writer

The stress of gobs of homework and studying for tests can weigh you down in the middle of the semester. It seems like the only way to get your life under control is to it curl up into a ball and avoid it all.

But before you hit rock bottom, the Sow’s Ear has a better solution; coffee, tea and yarn. After all, the soothing effects of coffee and tea can only be heightened when you add the tactile and soft fuzzy feeling of a skein of yarn.

The Sow’s Ear is a quaint little shop located in Verona about 30 minutes from Madison College’s Truax campus. The inviting and quiet atmosphere is great for studying and getting help with any of your fiber needs.

And if knitting and crocheting isn’t your thing, you can just get something to eat from their all day breakfast menu.

You don’t have to be an expert knitter either, the Sow’s Ear offers classes once a week, each on a different project. The owners of the shop offer tips and tricks to help any beginner get started.

The Sow’s Ear sells yarns from local spinners and around the world. From angora to regular cotton fibers, the Sow’s Ear has everything you might need for your next project.  They also have a large selection of knitting and crochet needles, buttons and clasps.

So, this spring semester, don’t get stressed out by the piles of homework or weekly exams, take a seat at the Sow’s Ear and relax.