‘Full House’ fans can rejoice

Bailey Ayres, Sports Editor

OH MY ATLANTA! “Full House” is back and on Netflix! The reboot, “Fuller House” premiered on Feb. 26 with 13 episodes in season one, and all can be watched on Netflix. If you were a fan of “Full House,” you will highly enjoy the reboot.

Get ready to jump into ‘90s references and get ready to see some familiar faces with some new ones.

After 21 years, fans can see what the Tanner clan has been up to.

Newly widowed DJ has three sons of her own and is now living at home while trying to get back on her feet. Stephanie comes back from her DJing career to say goodbye to the house that their dad puts on sale because he is moving to Los Angeles.

Later on in the premiere we find out that he cancels the sale and gives the house to DJ. Stephanie and Kimmy Gibbler, DJ’s long time best friend and neighbor, volunteer to move in and help DJ out like their dad and his friends did for him.

Through out season one we get to follow the adventures of DJ, Stephanie, and Kimmy taking care of DJ’s three sons and plus Kimmy’s teenage daughter. Issues such as not wanting to sharing a room with your sibling, being the middle child and other little adjusting problems come up.

The Tanner girls and Kimmy do their best to help to solve these problems, sometimes with Danny, Uncle Joey and Uncle Jesse coming to the rescue. The series also shows how DJ and her family learn to move on after her husband’s death.

Michelle Tanner has not made an appearance yet in this season. Rumors have it that they are leaving the option for either Ashley or Mary-Kate Olson to come back and resume the role of Michelle.

But there have been references about Michelle through out the first season. Even after a fun night out, DJ, Stephanie and Kimmy make a call to Michelle who is in New York and leave a voice message at four in the morning.

What is really cool about the reboot just like the original series is the fact that they are also using twins, just like how they did the character of Michelle in “Full House.”

The character of Tommy Fuller, who is DJ’s infant son, is also played by twins: Dashiell and Fox Messitt.