Tor Miller pursuing his love of music

Up and coming musician Tor Miller visited the Triple M Studios.

Up and coming musician Tor Miller visited the Triple M Studios.

Brighid Monahan, Staff Writer

Tor Miller is an up and coming musician from New York City who visited the 105.5 Triple M studios on Friday Jan. 30 to play a live studio session.  His guitar player Ian Bramberger and bass player, Mike Morrongiello are both from New York as well.

The young artist went to high school in New Jersey while still living in New York. Instead of being bored on the two-hour commute to school he spent his time listening to music from Frank Sinatra, David Bowie and Elton John.

“The three or four months we spent driving back and forth every day really affected me because it got me listening to music. A person who really helped me and encouraged me to write was my piano teacher who was a wedding singer. We had very different music tastes but he helped me a lot, “ Miller said. “ He’s a great guy I owe a lot to him.”

Miller made his debut at a burlesque bar when he was 18.

“I played in-between acts, no one really paid much attention to me,” he laughs, “But it gave me good experience with stage presence and crowds.”

Miller attended the NYU Clive Davis School of Music before he started writing and decided to quit school to pursue his love of music.

“I had to convince two lawyers that this was a good idea. It wasn’t easy, especially since the lawyers were my parents,” said Miller.

Miller is looking forward to producing his third album this year.

“We are super excited.  It has a lot of instruments and a big band feel to it which I love,” Miller explains excitedly as he gets ready to perform his new hit song “Carter and Cash”.

Miller’s latest EP “Headlights” was released on Feb. 3.