Escaping the echoes of Adele

YouTube spoof shows how hard it is to avoid ‘Hello’

Stephanie Riedel, Copy Editor

In his video, Viner and YouTuber Curtis Lepore drives down the street in his royal blue BMW. Switching on his radio, Adele’s “Hello” sings out.

He casually switches the channel, but it also plays the song.

Moving through all his pre-set channels, “Hello” plays on all he chooses.

Growing frantic, Lepore attempts to turn the volume down all the way, but defying logic, the volume grows louder instead.
At this point, Lepore drives furiously to a record store. Inside, the store Adele’s voice can be heard over the loud speakers causing the young man to become even more frantic. Hunting through CDs, he finds only her albums.

Finally, he chances upon an early Britany Spears CD, which he grabs onto as if his very life depends on it.
Back in his car, Lepore pushes the CD into his player and breathes a sigh of relief as he waits for the squeaky voiced singer to start.

Only she doesn’t.

Louder than ever, “Hello” blares from his speakers as Lepore melts into hysterical hyperventilation and explodes into a desperate scream heard from the outside of his car.

This video is brilliant. It may not be a true reflection of how life is for many of us, but it sure feels like it.

So, how does one actually escape Adele?

It’s not easy, but here a few tricks:

  • Wear noise cancelling headphones at all times, removing them for absolutely no one. Not even for your infant daughter, or brand new puppy. Adele lurks everywhere. There are no safe places. For extra protection, pipe in Black Sabbath.
  • Rumor has it Applebee’s is an Adele-free zone, but it’s also Applebee’s.
  • Remove all electronics devices from your home, lock yourself inside and seal all windows and entryways. Establish a code with a friend immune to Adele, so you know when to come out. Two knocks still not safe, three is all clear.
  • Move to the remote North Sentinel Island off the coast of India. The Sentineles, who live on the island, have rejected civilization for years despite India’s attempts to reach out. While this may sound perfect, caution is necessary. According to a Daily Mail article, the Sentineles shoot poison arrows at any outsider who approaches. Desperate times call for desperate measures, though, so good luck and Godspeed to you, my friend.

These methods may, or may not work. “Hello” is a song that defies time and space. It seeps through walls and gets into your clothes.

Perhaps the only thing we can all do is give in to it. Throw ourselves into the flames that is Adele’s powerhouse vocals and mass appeal and just let it all burn itself out.

Who cares if we take ourselves down with it? At this point it kind of feels like we already have.