‘Unbroken’ a true story of survival

Alyssa Washington , Staff Writer

The movie, “Unbroken,” is based off the true story of Louis Zamperini, an Italian American Olympic athlete who lived during World War II.

Zamperini and his two comrades are stuck in a raft at sea after their plane crashes. After days of being stuck, they are captured and sent to a Japanese prison camp. The movie chronicles their experiences.

The movie was amazing. What I loved most was that it kept me on my feet. After watching the movie I was left speechless. It was sad and easy to sympathize with the American soldiers.

Despite the seriousness of the topic, I couldn’t help but laugh at some parts because it was so bogus that I had to laugh. Mainly it was the sadistic officer that I found so amusing.

The movie is realistic, with the right costumes, occasional laughter and the not so dramatic script. I can’t really say that there were parts that I didn’t enjoy, and I just wish that it were longer.

I would definitely say that Unbroken is worth seeing.