‘Newsies’ could change your mind about musicals

Ana Bon, Staff Writer

“Newsies” is a theater musical where humorous dancing and sentimental singing meet.

It was my first time at a theater and to be honest, I’m not fan of musicals. Or to say I “wasn’t” is more accurate, because now I’m compelled to see another one.

What was so compelling? The vibe, the rhythm or the invitation I felt every time a plot twist came up?

Their choreography was so provoking, inspiring alertness with every synchronized step. It aroused emotions, goose bumps at times and dominantly, giggles and laughter.

Not to mention, there was a little kid that stole part of the show, especially for the young audience, proving to be suitable for all ages.

Overall, it showed difficulties being overcome by teamwork and persistence. And of course, a little of romance was also thrown in.

What can I say, I was a bundle of emotions bursting during every musical scene, and although I was layers of seats away, parts and pieces never hesitated to reach me.

That’s what differentiates musicals from ordinary theaters, the intensity and potential of musical sound waves. They create a vibe that is instantly felt.

And although “Newsies” is no longer playing in Madison, there is another Broadway musical approaching. The Tony award winning “Wicked” will be at the Overture Center from Oct. 21 through Nov. 1.