‘Rappin’ Ricky’ uses hip hop as an educational tool

illustration of a rapper

Stuart Benjamin, Arts Editor

Madison saw some wonderful performances this summer and what better way to end it than with two performances from Madison’s own F.Stokes.

Opening up for Astraunautalis and Dessa, F.Stokes made the final Live on King Street of the summer an unforgettable experience.

His genuine love for Madison makes anyone feel right at home, no matter where you are from.

Earlier this summer, F.Stokes started a Kickstarter campaign for his project, “Rappin’ Ricky,” an inner-city kid who loves to rap and learn. This educational program will feature music from F.Stokes and many others as well as eBooks and webisodes.

“Rappin’ Ricky” will serve to teach children lessons about reading, health, and social issues all through hip hop as well as promote hip hop in a positive light.

In his kickstarter video, F.Stokes says “Hip hop could be used as a magical and powerful vehicle for kids to learn valuable information.”

To promote this project, F.Stokes stopped by Ambrosia Co-op in Madison on Aug. 22 for an intimate performance and a presentation on Rappin’ Ricky. He informed fans that the project wasn’t going to “teach” kids, but rather promote learning by inspiring kids to want to learn. In other words, F.Stokes wants to make education a fun and exciting process.

In one month’s time, the Kickstarter raised $31,298, which is $6,000 over its goal. F.Stokes says that his team is currently working on an eBook which will be accessible through an app they are developing.

There is no set release date for “Rappin’ Ricky,” but he says that artists, such as Bass Nectar, have already agreed to work with him on songs for the program.
Keep updated on the Rappin’ Ricky project through its Facebook page at www.facebook.com/rappinricky.