Bells, sequins, Santas, make an ugly sweater

Marisa Comeau-Kerege, Arts Editor

It’s the time of year again for trees, lights and a mass amount of holiday goodies.  But what do we know about the new fad sweeping the nation, The Ugly Christmas Sweater?

This icon of the hipster holidays, stemming from the classic Christmas sweaters of the 70s and 80s, has gone over the top in design and added features not seen before in the fashion world.

In Madison (downtown at least) people associate the ugly sweater trend with Ragstock, the clothing and accessory store on State Street well known for its annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Sale. So to further understand this fad and what we should be looking for in these styles, we went to Ragstock in search of some answers.

Heidi Hartwig, a staff member at Ragstock gave us some insight into what people have been looking for in their sale.

“Usually the ugly sweaters have Santa on them or just really awkward people or sequins and bling of some kind,” said Hartwig.

Some customers have the privilege of finding a truly one of kind sweater.  Hartwig also explained some of the more unusual sweaters she’s seen.

“I had somebody come in and buy a sweater the other day that had sweaters on it, like an ugly sweater with ugly sweaters on it, which was fantastic,” said Hartwig.  “There’s one with a really terrible cat on it outside, its face is really warped.  So, just the ones that are really beat up.”

Another employee chimed in with other experiences.

“Some customers like the whole bells and sparkles things that are sewn on to it, absolutely anything you can put on a sweater,” she said.

So the consensus on the ugly sweater trend is that the more ridiculous and outrageous you can get with (to one up your friends and their sweaters) the better.  So, this winter break, cozy up with your cup of eggnog and show off your holiday bling with an ugly sweater.