Album review: Presidents’ 6-year hiatus ends with Kudos

Andrea DeBauche, Arts Editor

If you know the Presidents of the United States of America, (PUSA), then you know they are one of the silliest bands in said USA. Most known for their 90s hits like “Kitty,” “Lump” and of course “Peaches,” the band produces a pop/rock/country twang style that’s truly original and irresistible. Their new album, “Kudos to You!,” delivers the same humor and seemingly random assortment of songs and subjects as we’ve grown to love from them.

“Kudos to You!” is now being released six years after their last album, but the break seems to have put PUSA’s whimsical song writing talent back into its prime. They can turn any household object, animal or insect into the subject of a guitar-slapping country tune. “Electric Spider,” “Slow Slow Fly” and “Flea vs. Mite” continue on this trend. “Finger Monster” voices the perspective of one genuinely afraid of a finger puppet. Another single, titled “Poor Little Me,” is a parody of every country heartache song ever written. These songs are both ridiculous and clever.

But though their songwriting is what most clearly distinguishes the band, let’s not forget that the instrumentation is punky, rocky country awesomeness unto itself. PUSA is still a serious artistic group. They somehow manage to appeal to intelligent adults while also, perhaps, appealing to a children’s birthday party. The best thing about PUSA is their ability to get you with one goofy line, and you’ll be chanting the darn thing all week. However, unlike some “catchy” garbage from a popular radio station, you will be quite content to hum their music.

Even just writing this review has got me singing silly lines to myself. Kitty on my foot and I want to touch it …