Here are some video games to enjoy during break and beyond

Michael Klein, Editor in Chief

As spring is about to come upon us, some may be eagerly anticipating the opportunity to go outside and enjoy warmer temperatures. However, in Wisconsin, we know a thing or two about Old Man Winter making his presence felt after the first day of March. So, if you still need to stay inside to avoid frigid temperatures or snow falling to the ground, you can check out a video game or two … or perhaps even more. Enter the wonderful world of gaming, where one can be transported to any number of fantastic lands with the push of a button, or more like several buttons. Here are some titles

Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, Wii U,  Now available

HD graphics and rotating camera angles are standout features of the latest in the “Donkey Kong” franchise from Nintendo. It includes a co-op multi-player mode, which does require additional accessories that are sold separately. The game brings back favorite characters from the series such as Dixie, Diddy, and Cranky Kong, who come up against Viking-esque Snowmads who threaten the Kong’s home and banana hoard. “Tropical Freeze” features five islands with a variety of stages and includes underwater swimming as well as icy landscapes. Platformer-addicts may find the game addicting, as it contains many challenges. However, “Tropical Freeze” has been described as “maddeningly hard,” so beware that you may be tempted to chuck the neat-o Wii U tablet controller out of frustration more than once.

South Park Stick of Truth, PS3, Xbox 360, PC, Now Available

The newest season has begun and you’re the “New Kid” starring in the greatest adventure South Park has ever witnessed. The game’s creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone simplistically explained it as a game of capture the flag with a stick that, in true “South Park” fashion, gets totally out of hand. The game has some of the trademark toilet humor “South Park” is known for, including a few references to, well, for a lack of a better term, poo. In this turd-based RPG quest, players have the opportunity to customize their own character as well.

Excitement has built over the past few years due to numerous delays in the release date, but the franchise’s creators feel like this is going to give gamers a truly unique experience.

As admitted big-time gamers themselves, Parker and Stone have infused this game with their trademark comedy as well as a style that they feel other games lack. This will be a more authentic first-person experience, by not forcing your character to look or act in a way that you wouldn’t. Your character will be able to recreate favorite scenes from past seasons of the hit cartoon show. Fans of the show who have been itching for episodes will be pleased by the depth and length of the game. There is so much crammed into the game that it is meant to feel like a standalone storyline that seems like a full season.

The Grand Wizard collector’s edition can be purchased for an additional $20, it includes a Kingdom of South Park map, a Cartman figurine, and exclusive in-game costumes equipped with special abilities.

Titanfall, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, Release Date: 3/11/14 (Xbox One and PC) 3/25/14 (Xbox 360)

“Titanfall,” a brand new, multi-player and online-only first person shooter, has been touted by Microsoft and Electronic Arts as one of 2014’s most anticipated games. The game is set in the near future, on a war-torn distant frontier. Players are dropped into the middle of a conflict of a conflict between the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation (IMC) and the Militia. Players have a chance to play on either side, IMC or Militia in campaign matches. Players will control pilots, who battle on foot with a range of weapons. When a match is completed, you call in your Titan – a huge, bipedal tank. You then step into it and maneuver around the environment with a new set of weapons. Of course, your choice of Titan dictates the weapons available to you. “Titanfall” requires 20 gigabytes to install and is being offered in a special $500 Xbox One bundle. There is also a limited-run controller that can be purchased, but is not included in the bundle for $65.

inFamous: Second Son, PS4,  Release Date: 3/21/14

Sony and Sucker Punch Productions brings fans of 2009’s “inFamous” and 2011’s “inFamous 2” a new generation of anti-hero for its next gen system in Delsin Rowe, a graffiti artist living in Seattle. The third main entry in the “inFamous” series, this open-world action-adventure game played from third person perspective is Sony’s major release for the first half of 2014.

As in previous installments, the player has moral choices to make both in story sequences and approach to combat. For example, the player will have a choice during some cut scenes to spare or kill a character. Most who play the game choose to play through the game both ways, first beating the game as a hero, then as infamous, or vice versa. Twenty-four gigabytes are required to install the game, but you can start playing before the download is complete thanks to the PS4’s new PlayGo system.  “inFamous: Second Son” is available in a PS4 bundle, which features a second wireless controller and a one-year PlayStation Plus subscription for just under $500.

If you are inclined to pre-order the game, Sony has made exclusive missions available for those who pre-order the regular and limited editions. Bonuses are said to link the events of Cole McGrath in “inFamous” and “inFamous 2” to the new game. GameStop Italy has put together a nifty little pre-order bundle for “Second Son,” which includes two cans of Red Bull and, believe it or not, glow-in-the-dark condoms.