Album review: Church Clothes 2 by Lecrae

Tyler Richter, Staff writer

Lecrae’s latest album has finally arrived, and it is amazing. The sequel to the similarly named Church Clothes featuring Don Cannon, Church Clothes 2 also features appearances by Andy Mineo, Propaganda, Derek Minor and many more artists. While the album’s first track, “Co-Sign Pt. 2” introduces the album with a kick, Lecrae is well known for the messages that flow through his songs. In this album, he addresses topics such as fatherlessness with “Was It Worth It” and struggling with sin in with “Devil In Disguise,” while he congratulates black youth who beat the odds with “Round of Applause”.

Much like he does in its predecessor, Lecrae addresses these real life issues quite transparently in Church Clothes 2. Between “Believe,” “Was it Worth It” and “Hang on,” the transparency of Lecrae’s life in these songs is part of what makes him one of the better artists out there. In fact, he addresses this in “Sell Out,” which somewhat contrasts what he talks about with what some other artists talk about.

The lyrics and sound of the album harken back to the original Church Clothes, featuring a cast of supporting artists, some of whom stick around for more than a couple of lines. Papa San has the chorus line in “The Fever” while Propaganda is heavily featured in “Hands up.” While this album is primarily Lecrae and Don Cannon, the heavy featuring of other artists adds variety to the album that showcases each artist’s style.

My only gripe with this album is the bookending of songs with Don Cannon’s name. While he is a Co-signer on the album, hearing “Cannon… Cannon… Cannon” before and/or after each song gets repetitive and annoying. Despite this, Church Clothes 2 is one of Lecrae’s better albums, the kind you can listen to again and again and never get tired of.