TV review: ‘The Walking Dead’ sets a frightening pace

Michael Klein, Editor in Chief

There has been plenty of bloodshed and gore thus far in season four of AMC’s “The Walking Dead.” This season’s debut brought in an astounding number of viewers
An entirely new threat arises this season and seems, so far at least, to be more of a threat than the walkers. Something has cryptically infiltrated the solitude of the prison and is killing off characters. Of course, this ensures their reawakening as flesh devourers and even more chaos for the group.

During the season premiere, Rick encounters an unsettling woman concerned with her and her husband’s safety. Her unsettling demeanor and actions weren’t as surprising as Rick’s reaction to them and his apparent compassion for the witch-like woman.

Many viewers complained that last season dragged for stretches and it seemed like some of the new season’s convoluted scenes were going to cause more impatience amongst fans. The story starts taking shape during the second episode and teaser for the third.

Rick and his son Carl are continuing to improve their relationship, as their trust for one another grows. This will likely mean a larger role for Carl this season, while the rest of the children try to learn that zombies make terrible pets.

As for the new cast of characters, only time will tell how long they will be around. If most of the returning cast remains in tact, I personally don’t care how many newcomers survive the season.

Warning! PETA and those squeamish to violence toward animals may want to turn away from Rick and Daryl’s tactic for getting rid of the increasing number of walkers.  The teaser for next week’s show left viewers with the image of two incinerated bodies and an even more terrified group.

Overall, this season has the potential to be one of the best and I suggest that people looking for a good zombie themed Halloween treat check it out this weekend.