Game review: ‘MLB The Show 2013’

Jonathon Reid, Staff Writer

“Looks like he is swinging a garden hose out there.” The voice of commentator Steve Lyons after my first swing-at-bat while playing the 2013 installment of Sony’s “MLB The Show.” And even though I am not a baseball enthusiast, this game blew me away. Everything from the sometimes brutally honest commentating to the fans in the stands is honestly astonishing. In the world of game simulations, “The Show” is one step ahead of everyone else.

Being one of the most in-depth sports games to date, it is an early Christmas present for most gamers. But, if you’re just getting your feet wet, the developers at Sony have added a beginner mode that’s designed to help any user learn the fundamentals of the game. This mode has an adaptive AI (artificial intelligence) system that progresses as you progress. So in other words, if you know how to hold the controller, you can play this game with success.

One of the coolest aspects of this game is The Show Live. To illustrate, let’s say you’re watching your favorite team get slaughtered when it could have been a sweep. It’s one of those situations where you catch yourself saying “What in the hell are you doing?” every ten minutes. Well guess what? With the “The Show Live,” it is possible to play all the daily games in the same environment. With up-to-date data from, you will even hear the commentators reference past and future match-ups and events.

So, with multiple game play modes and numerous new features and enhancements, “MLB The Show” is a must-have.