Album review: ‘Red Light District’ by Midi Matilda

George Treviranus, Editor

Very few times will a band roll out a well produced first album. Artists like Imagine Dragons come to mind, and Midi Matilda is right on track.

“Red Light District” brings something of an abstract and mystical sound to the listeners ear. The two-man band uses a barrage of electronic mixing, drums and guitar to create their music. Songs like “Ottawa” and “Red Light District” create a more mellow, calming experience with strong use of drums in parts.

“Love & The Movies” takes listeners into something much different, however. This song was made very clearly to open in concerts with. Its high-energy chorus is evident of that.

Midi Matilda is relatively new, having only been an “official” group since early-mid 2012. However, the duo has been practicing and recording for years.

“We finally decided after years of playing to take it on the road and turn our music into something for everyone,” Logan Grime, drummer, said.

They are still relatively new, and from this album alone, great things can be expected from them. Watch the charts in the coming years.