Super Mario Bros. U offers plenty of new challenges

Michael Klein, News editor


Among the new additions, Mario’s flying squirrel suit is likely coolest. With the suit, players can glide through levels, cling on walls and perform outstanding midair boosts.

Full-grown and baby Yoshis, equipped with new powers, help Mario’s team on their journey. Yoshi can now transform into a giant balloon, illuminate dark levels and even shoot bubble traps that turn enemies into coins. Having an assortment of Yoshi, adds variety to gameplay, as players will need to utilize these abilities to complete certain levels.

As with all Mario games, there is plenty to discover. Hidden pathways can be challenging and frustrating to discover, but add replay ability. Boost and Challenge Modes will appeal to those wanting to take their game online.

Up to five players can team up on one console. Players can choose to work together or try to sabotage one another. Whoever uses the gamepad, however, gets stuck with the tedious task of placing blocks. While it is agreeable that the group does not have to waste hours fighting over the tablet controller, it makes multiple Wii motes necessary and severely limits the Wii U’s greatest feature. Mario manages to be enjoyable with and without assembling a team.

Without an inventive way to use the gamepad in multiplayer and no online co-op, Mario Bros U is far from a perfect game. It did however excel in every other area and is great fun.