Game Review: Dustforce

George Treviranus, Editor-in-Chief

With the uproar in independently produced games over the last year or two, it should come as no surprise that “Dustforce” clears the board in terms of addiction laced with time waster. In short, it is a great experience, but has a steep learning curve.

Players, for the most part, will be cleaning dust from the ground, ceilings and walls, jumping around like Spiderman to get the highest score. Two things matter in the gameplay: speed and dusting.

The quicker you dust, and the more you dust, you will have a better chance at climbing the ranks of the point ladder. Some of the high scores around the world are pretty insane. I was able to get in the upper 30 percent, which means the game was easy to learn in the beginning, but some of the later stages become so dependent on muscle memory that you’ll be glad to get 60th percentile.

Not only will you be dusting and running around like some kind of crazy person, but you can do so with several characters. There are four to choose from, each reminiscent of Mega Man characters in their color schemes (blue and gray, red and gray, etc.)

The characters have no bearing on the outcome of the game, other than your high score will be displayed with the respective character you chose.

Dustforce certainly has a lot to offer. It brings intense sidescrolling, reliance on reflexes and a lot of frustration at times. But it’s worth it, considering you will likely be playing this game for hours anyway with its dozens and dozens of levels.

Using your trusty dust mop, players will clean up a virtual world and do so beautifully with Dust Force’s fantastic art style.