Game Review: NBA 2K12

Michael Klein, Staff Writer

2K Sports delivers another stellar installment of its annual hoops title “NBA 2K13.” Unlike rival game makers at EA Sports and their ever-failing “Madden” franchise, the makers of “2K” lack a monopoly on a sports genre. Instead their innovation and dedication to making an excellent basketball game every release has pushed opponent EA off the bench the past couple seasons.

This year’s game is the most impressive to date. Signature moves, freestyle controls, an impressive post game, detailed graphics and smooth animation are just a few examples of how polished it is.

Players get to decide from many staple game modes and features like the addicting MyPlayer, improved franchise and customizable kicks for players.

Those who want complete control over a team will get lost in the managerial options available in franchise. Additionally, players will be able to relive the magic of Team USA’s gold medal run this past summer. Constant debate swirled over the team’s historical greatness and whether it could hang with the 1992 Dream Team. Put the argument to rest in “2K13” as you can tip-off as either team to prove once and for all, which one had the ultimate squad.

Rapper and Brooklyn Nets owner Jay Z added his own flair as executive producer and provided a soundtrack worthy of the game.

Only players new to the “NBA2K” franchise should notice a small inconvenience of the game. The game lacks an effective tutorial for learning dribble and signature moves. This may leave many rookies struggling to compete, especially when venturing online. A friendly word of warning to these players is to stay offline until they have developed some skill and can beat the computer comfortably. Seasoned veterans will be happy to know, matchmaking is improved and the glitch preventing games with friends has been corrected.

$60 is steep for most students; but for replay value and key additions, “NBA 2K13” may be the most worthy sports title purchase this season. Two emphatic joysticks up.