Game Review: Pokemon Black 2 and White 2

George Treviranus, Editor

There’s no flashy way to say it anymore: a new Pokemon has arrived, and surprisingly it has one-upped the previously beloved iterations, Pokemon Black and Pokemon White. New features, areas and National Pokedex will keep the player busy, but for some that may not be enough: the game is still hosted on the original DS handheld console.

Much of what you experienced in the previous two games will be present here, with the addition of a new plot, as well as a legendary mascot, Kyurem. There is also the Pokemon World Tournament and Pokestar Studios side adventures to explore, the latter being most addicting.

There are some predictable shining points this time around, one of which being the soundtrack. With new cities and areas to explore, it has been updated. Also, the Pokemon World Tournament offers more than challenging battles: you can battle gym leaders and Elite 4 champions from every game thus far. It will also allow for downloadable battle events through wifi, to be released later this year and into next.

Another point worth mentioning is the National Pokedex. It feels like Nintendo finally did it right this time, thanks to stronger Pokemon being available earlier in the game.

Although the new game is fresh, it doesn’t quite feel that way yet. It might cause more nostalgia, if anything. It will keep Pokemon fans happy, but may cause a craving for something to break the mold a little more. Despite that, it’s worth the hours of enjoyment.