Reptar rocks High Noon Saloon

Alexia Gleysteen, Clarion Staff

Indie-pop band Reptar rocked Madisonians at the High Noon Saloon on April 4. Canopies and Quiet Hooves accompanied their performance. The sounds of the three bands worked well together, each bringing their own version of indie-synth music to the stage.

The High Noon Saloon is one of Madison’s many live music venues and was established in 2004. The venue includes bar games, an upper balcony overlooking the stage and outdoor cocktail service when the weather warms up. High Noon Saloon is the perfect size to host this intimate concert with dim lights, great stage lighting and plenty of room for dancing.

Canopies started off the night with their indie-pop sound fully loaded with synthesizers. Unique and almost eerie lyrics filled the venue when the three young men who make up Canopies took the stage. The band includes instruments such as keyboards, guitar, percussion, bass and even a saxophone thrown into the mix. The music inspired many nodding of heads and tapping of toes with the occasional dancing fan. Canopies brought vibrant energy with them and set the night off right.

After a brief intermission, Quiet Hooves took the stage to keep the party going. But don’t be fooled by the band’s name, this eight person crazy pop-synth group is anything but quiet. Hailing from Athens, Georgia, the passion was alive and well in all of the members on stage.

In addition to almost neurotic vocals, Quiet Hooves incorporated drums, keyboard, tambourine, bass guitar, trumpet and saxophone into each of their songs. The band has found a way to ride the fine line between being a hot mess and producing actual music. The outcome happens to be some very fun tunes topped with passionate vocals. However, if you enjoy dancing while at concerts, their start-stop music makes it a little challenging to really get into the flow.

After a few hours of letting the crowd get warmed up, Reptar took the stage. The minute they struck their first chord, it was apparent that this was the band that many concertgoers had come to see. The dance floor filled up and people started rising from the chairs that they had been planted in all evening. Reptar, also hailing from Athens, Ga., filled the venue with their pop-indie-funk-synthesizer sound.

After making the crowd go wild with their first song, they catapulted into crowd interaction. The band asked the fans to hold hands with the people they were standing next to, repeat what the band was saying and then crazily break out into dance together. It was obvious that the crowd was enjoying themselves and the energy was in large supply for a Wednesday night.

While Canopies, Quiet Hooves and Reptar can all be represented in the category of indie-pop music, each band approaches this genre in a slightly different way. This variety of representation ensured that the crowd would be intrigued the whole night through. While turnouts have definitely been more grandiose for shows at the High Noon Saloon, these out-of-state and up-and-coming bands did a great job at enticing a crowd out of the house in the middle of the week.

If you missed out on the live performance, all of these bands can be tracked down via their Myspace or Facebook pages. Canopies even has an entire album available for free download.