‘John Carter’ a box office flop, but still a great action flick

Callie Vasey, Clarion Staff

If you like an odd but entertaining movie, than I recommend you go see John Carter. It starts off with John Carter being followed by some weird man, in his journey to send a telegram to his nephew, Ed. After that, it quickly cuts to a train rolling up to a station, with Carter’s nephew stepping out to greet Carter’s butler. The butler takes Ed back to Carter’s mansion and informs Ed that his uncle has suddenly passed away. The butler then instructs that Ed should sit and read the journal that his uncle left for him.

The movie then goes into how Carter got to Mars and how he saved the day, even though he didn’t know where he was for a while. Carter finds himself trapped by these weird alien creatures who like to call him “Virginia”, and love to see Carter jump. The aliens take Carter back to their tribe, and put him in with the hatchlings for the night. Upon trying to escape, Carter breaks out with the alien dogs help and crashes the alien’s party.

As the storyline progresses, we’re introduced to the princess of Mars, Dejah, The scene shows her working on this machine that could possibly get John home, but an ancient God in disguise quickly destroys it as Dejah’s father tells her that the only way they can save their city is to have Dejah marry a man from the opposing city.

When the storyline goes back to Carter, he’s witnessing a ship fight in the sky against the two opposing cities. The two ships destroy each other in the sky as Princess Dejah falls out of one. Carter sees this, and super jumps into the air to save her. When the two of them are out of the air, the main alien in charge tells Carter that he’ll help them escape as long as they take his daughter Sola with.

Carter, Dejah, and Sola go on a journey to Dejahs city. Carter is on a mission to find a way home and the only way Dejah will help is if he takes her back to her city and saves it from the opposing land.

After a while, Carter loses track of Dejah and Sola, and goes back to the alien’s tribe, where the new leader puts him in the death pit with a huge white gorilla. Carter of course saves the day and also defeats and kills the new tribe leader, giving power back to Tars, Sola’a father.

Back on the way to Dejah’s city, Carter tries to make his way to save her from marrying the opposing cities choice of a husband. After an action filled second defeat of both the shady would be hubby, and the ancient god in disguise that happened to be there, Carter ends up marrying Dejah, and everything is all happy and good, until the ancient God in disguise tricks him into going back to Earth.

With action, humor and a subtle romance, John Carter takes you into a world of many possibilities, and hoping that Carter gets a happy ending. The storyline was even paced and steady. There were no plot holes that were noticeable, and the acting was very good. The 3D effects were nice, but after a while into the movie, they weren’t as eye popping as they were in the beginning. When the movie ended, it made you leave the theater with a satisfied feeling of a good movie, and a happy ending as well. For a Disney produced movie, I think they did a great job with John Carter. I definitely think it’s worth seeing for a fun and friendly movie.