Music, tie-dye, games and entertainment offer students a break


Brandon Youngblood Kee/Clarion Photographer

Students participate in a painting activity during the festivities

Aaron Miller, Clarion Staff Writer

Where can you practice your chopstick skills, gyrate with a hula-hoop, and learn about backpack safety? This was possible at Campus Fun Days.

Campus Fun Days were held at DTEC on Sept. 20 and at Truax on Sept. 22. A tradition for over 10 years, the days were created to allow students to display their clubs and organizations to other students. At that time, it was called the Involvement Fair. The event changed over the years to be focused toward a fun day for students.

Given that Madison College is a technical school without on-campus housing, it can be a bit of a challenge to get students involved, especially when they have work and social lives outside of school.

The involvement fair was a bit dry of an event and they have changed the event to focus more on a fun day for students than specifically featuring the clubs.                 “The biggest goal is creating student involvement,” said Renee Alfano, Student Life Director. “You do an activity and get a ticket, with three tickets you can get a t-shirt and get it tie-dyed.”

There was a variety of campus clubs and organizations that were represented at the fair. Some specifically related to a program, such as the occupational therapy program, which educated students on proper backpack weight and use.

“It should be no more than 15 percent of your weight,” said one booth worker. “The heaviest items such as textbooks should be packed closest to you, and the backpack should rest down on your frame as opposed to pulling you back.”

Other clubs were based around building community within the school. One example is the Asian American Student Association (AASA.) The AASA promotes leadership and Asian culture through student conferences as well as an Asian Culture week during the spring. The AASA also funds a scholarship for students. Other clubs were simply a group of students with a common interest. The Geology club for instance is focused on just that. They travel to museums, state parks, and archeological sites around the area, and are currently planning a trip to Devil’s Lake.

Other clubs had appropriately designed activities. The Yahara Journal, Madison College’s fine arts journal, sponsored finger-painting. One painter remarked that she was relieved of an itch to smoke while taking part in the childish, yet dignified art. The journal is sponsoring banned book week starting on September 26, and will be organizing readings all week long.

The World Student Association is the place to be if you’re interested in meeting many of the multi-cultural students that have made Madison College their home. They are sponsoring an International Education Week from November 14-18, with a World Culture Showcase on November 17.

Some booths were not promoting clubs but specific events. The Volunteer Center was gathering people to participate in the AIDS Walk Wisconsin on October 1st in Milwaukee. A free bus, which leaves at 9 a.m., is available to Madison College Students and Faculty on the day of the event. Stop by the Student Life office for more information or to donate to the cause.A lot of the work and activities that students are involved with at Madison College can go unnoticed. The promotional boards get choked with fliers and a lot of students don’t even notice them after a while. However, events like Campus Fun Days show that Madison College offers many opportunities to get involved with pretty much any activity you might have an interest in. So page through one of the club booklets over by the enrollments center, or pop into student life and talk to someone, or even just browse through the club pages on the Madison College Website. There’s something for everyone, and you might just make a friend or gain a lifelong hobby or interest.