A Universal Question


Paige Zezulka/Clarion

Dr. Evermore’s Sculpture Park in North Freedom, WI

Paige Zezulka, Copy Editor

Why would the Universe, or God, if that is what you’d prefer, create a species like humans who are able to dominate and destroy a vulnerable planet such as the Earth?

Our relationship with the world around us is present and quite visible. Everything is connected as one ultimate life source. This knowledge is easy to comprehend.

Then why do humans perceive themselves as separate living, unstoppable creatures? They are so similar, yet extremely different than any other organism on earth. Does it all come down to the ability to have a conscious?

When you look at the world’s biodiversity, humans make up 0.01% of the Earth’s biomass, according to Our World in Data. You would think with that small percentage, humans would be less noticeable. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

Humans make everything know that they exist. From mass population, to pollution in all aspects-light, noise, air, water and land, to high rise buildings, technology and so on. It’s as if they want to be seen from space.

This species has overgrown the meaning of existence and has created their own world that revolves around themselves instead of having it revolve naturally around the sun.