Love of chicken tenders costly

Opinion editor’s passion for ‘chickie tendies’ doesn’t extend to its prices

Casey Anderson, Opinion Editor

Casey Anderson

Opinion Editor

All right, I am definitely one to admit I have spent my fair share of money on chicken tenders.

All right, way more than my fair share. As in, I buy them, like, every day. But… at least I’m getting protein, right?

But at what cost? I have a deep, deep passion for our school’s chicken tenders. It has been ingrained in me through the unique experience crafted by our student chefs; the delicately crunchy breading of the tenders enhanced by the hint of spice the honey mustard provides, which of course, is the most ideal sauce pairing.

Savory, filling, delectable. What more could I ask for?

A more affordable price. Dang, I am going bankrupt due to my appetite, impulsivity, lack of financial control, but, most of all, the overpriced but prized chicken tenders.

So, here is my call, ahem, my plea for action. We must make these chicken tenders more affordable. They must be cheaper in order for my fellow peers and I to keep up the high demand for these delicious tenders, or “tendies” as I like to call them.

These chicken tenders are really what give me the physical drive to maintain my status as a full-time student. They power my brain with energy – without them, I simply cannot function, nor do my homework.

Please, dearest chefs, dearest culinary students, dearest pricers of our menus, lower the price of the chicken tenders. Five dollars and twenty-six cents in exchange for four strips of chicken simply does not add up, except in debt. Students, let us revolt.

Now, time for me to head to the lunch line.