‘World of Darkness’ role-playing game is a gothic vampire classic

Grant Nelson, Staff Writer

A role-playing game worth checking out is the gothic vampire classic “World of Darkness.”
The setting of the game is a dark parody of the world we live in, an urban fantasy world that has modern day cities like New York City and Los Angeles. Players compete as werewolves, vampires and witches.
The game is much more gothic in its role play than “Dungeons & Dragons” in that you must often hide your dark world and existence in the shadows of humans, all while still living in or controlling that world.
Vampires are divided into many factions and clans, with differing ethos. They control huge swaths of human industry. For example, you could own a nightclub or a tech company or have the president in your pocket.
The game has a form of role-play based in one’s dark human/inhuman life and must deal with things such as how vampires feed off blood without becoming monsters.
The game often serves as a gothic critic of American pop culture and has a very counterculture view of the world we live in. It has been loved by goths for years for how it has been a safe haven and them, giving them space for finding out who they are for themselves.
“World of Darkness” is very much a mix of the underworld, with its shadow wars between vampires and werewolves and the shadow politics of the vampires and how they fight for power.
The game is far more role-play based than “Dungeons & Dragons.” The Nerds of the Round Table club members love this game and would highly recommend it.