Whodunnit in ‘The Thing About Pam’

 Sherra Owino , Assistant Editor

Calling all murder mystery enthusiasts! There’s a new show out that’s only six episodes long; perfect for weekend binging! It’s called “The Thing About Pam” and is based on the real-life Dateline story of Pam Hupp. The cast includes Renée Zellweger as Pam, Josh Duhamel as a lawyer and Judy Greer, a district attorney. 

The show takes its viewers through this whodunnit, narrated by Keith Morrison, the real Dateline storyteller, to unravel a murder (or more?) within a small Missouri town in 2011. Terminally ill cancer patient Betsy Faria is found in her home, stabbed to death. Her husband is suspected of killing his wife, but is he the killer? 

Pam Hupp was Betsy’s best friend and the last one to see Betsy alive. Hupp is more than willing to help with the investigation but, interestingly enough, became the beneficiary of Faria’s $150,000 life insurance policy four days before the murder. Who’s the real killer and villain crafting a sticky web of deceit? 

I was easily ensnared by this show from the beginning (hook, line and sinker) as it kept me on the edge of my seat, enraptured by the psychological mystery. Even though there’s some blood due to the crime scene, the filming and writing are good enough to carry the story without unnecessary gore. All the actors do a wonderful job in their roles, especially Zellweger. The evidence for this is the vast range of emotions that one feels about the characters, from victorious pride to hateful cursing. 

If you’re at all interested in murder mysteries and have some basic understanding of psychology and the human brain, I think you too will thoroughly enjoy “The Thing About Pam.” Even those who aren’t fans of this genre may find themselves unable to look away. Just prepare to not be able to power off the TV through every exciting episode!