Imagine Dragons release 5th album

Lauren Taillon, Arts Editor

There are so many things to look forward to when fall comes around that it’s hard to choose just one thing to be the most excited about – apple orchards, pumpkin patches, hot cider, Halloween decor, or Imagine Dragons’ new album that was released on Sept. 3 of this year. 

Thankfully, I don’t have to choose and can enjoy all of those things! But listening to “Mercury – Act 1,” by Imagine Dragons might top the list. The band may have even topped their last album “Origins.” Mercury – Act 1 really is that good. Whether lead singer/songwriter Dan Reynolds is singing about loss, self-growth, or hope for a new tomorrow, he doesn’t miss a step when it comes to dropping beats that are both innovative and heartfelt.  

The first song on the album, “My Life,” is quite possibly my favorite. It is an honest reflection about struggling with one’s self and trying to come to terms with the surrealness of your present circumstance. The lyrics are very raw and stripped down, just like the melody which is only carried by Reynold’s voice and a piano. 

Pop enthusiasts will be glad to hear upbeat tracks on the album like “Lonely,” “Monday,’ and radio hit, “Follow You.” For people looking for something a little more reflective and deeper, tracks like “#1,” and “Wrecked,” will deliver, with the latter being about the loss of a loved one which is pretty gut-wrenching; I won’t lie.  

“It’s Ok,” will probably be the most divisive track on the album to fans as it openly depicts some of the struggles that the LGBTQ+ community faces. Reynolds has been a longtime supporter of the community and it shows in this extremely catchy track which seeks to counsel people who are trying to figure out their identity.  

For people who are looking for harder melodies or something more experimental, Reynolds delivers on that too with tracks, “Giants,” “Dull Knives,” and “Cutthroat,” with the latter song becoming a personal favorite of mine despite it initially being my least favorite track on the album. If you listen to it and think it’s not your cup of coffee, I urge you to give it a few more listens. Of course, no Imagine Dragons album would be complete without a couple songs that deliver a high dose of optimism. Tracks like, “No Time For Toxic People,” and “One Day,” leave the album ending on a happy note. 

For me personally, it’s hard to find anything wrong with the album. I’d recommend it to anyone because I think just about everyone will be able to find at least one track that they really resonate with. While some people may take exception to the high-energy pop group, there is no denying that Dan Reynolds is a passionate guy and the group has much talent as can be seen by the multiple awards that they have won throughout the years. So if you are looking for something to listen to while you bake apple pies or decorate your house, look no further than “Mercury – Act 1” by Imagine Dragons.