‘The Invisible Man’ takes a hard look at domestic violence


Tribune News Service

Elizabeth Moss stars as Cecilia in “The Invisible Man.”

Destiny Hines, Staff Writer

The Invisible Man touches on the hard subject of domestic violence. The opening scene features Cecilia (Elizabeth Moss) trapped in a violent and controlling relationship, lying in bed in a dark room. Cecilia tries to move her husband Adrian’s hand from her shoulder as he sleeps.

Adrian, played by Oliver Jackson-Cohen, is a wealthy and brilliant scientist. In response to Cecilia leaving him, Adrian fakes his own suicide.

Once Cecilia starts to notice odd things happening around her, she tries to share the possibility that Adrian (Jackson) is still alive. She explains to others that he has found a way to be invisible.

Unfortunately, Cecilia lands herself in a psych ward after Adrian, upset by the possibility that his secret could get out, murders Cecilia’s sister Emily (Harriot Dyer). Emily’s murder takes place while she meets Cecilia at a busy restaurant. Cecilia tries to convince Emily that Adrian is still alive and that she IS, in fact, not crazy.

This suspense-filled 1933 classic remake, “The Invisible Man,” features actress Elizabeth Moss, also known for her award-winning role in “Handmaids Tale.” Written and directed by Leigh Whannell, this Sci-Fi psychological thriller was well put together. “The Invisible Man” had many unexpected surprises throughout the movie, along with jaw-dropping, shock-worthy scenes. I left the theater feeling satisfied, and I wasn’t left wanting more. I look forward to seeing more from director Leigh Whannell.