‘The Mandalorian’ is the best show on the Disney Plus App

Mandy Scheuer, Office Manager

The opening of “The Mandalorian” is totally different from other “Star Wars” openings. There is no opening scroll, no typical “Star Wars” theme music, nothing! Instead, we see a brand new “Star Wars” logo animation.

Let’s get to the good stuff. Here’s an official recap of the first episode of “The Mandalorian.”

The first episode starts with the Mandalorian, who tracks his bounty on a snowy planet. Two thugs harass a young alien in a bar; they opt to sell his glands on the black market. The thugs get tough with the Mandalorian and regret their poor choices. It’s too bad the Mandalorian is actually after the young alien that the thugs bully. It isn’t long before the alien is cuffed and sent to the Mandalorian’s ship.

A waiting Kubaz, most notably a “Long Snoot” Garindan, uses a flute to call in a speeder piloted by an R2 unit. The Mandalorian doesn’t want a droid, so they call in a junk speeder. Brian Posehn plays the aging pilot that drives the junk speeder. The pilot is on the lookout for monstrous creatures that live beneath ice. A monster attacks the junk speeder and sinks it. Afterward, a monster attacks the Mandalorian’s ship, which he fends off with his signature weapon.

Horatio Sanz plays the bounty, a Mythrol who tries to talk his way out of trouble. When the bounty sees the Mandalorian’s collection of bounties on carbonite, he knows it’s too late to avoid trouble. On an urban planet, The Mandalorian enters another bar and delivers the bounty to Greef Carga, a character played by Carl Weathers. Carga tries to pay him for the bounty with imperial credits. Because the Empire has been defeated, the Mandalorian opts for other currencies. Carga offers the Mandalorian a dangerous underworld mission. Our antihero, the Mandalorian, takes the mission.

I don’t want to spoil the entire episode, so you will have to watch the rest for yourself on the Disney Plus app. But it is the best new show on the app.