5 albums you should hear

Adrienne Oliva, Editor in Chief

With thousands of albums being released every year across all genres, it can be hard to figure out what’s worth listening to. From classic stylings to experimental sounds, here are the albums I feel that 2017 will be remembered for.

5. ‘Pure Comedy,’ by Father John Misty

I found no word in either English or German that describes the sensation of being unnerved and soothed at the same time, but Father John Misty’s “Pure Comedy” exemplifies this concept perfectly. Misty critiques modern culture in a way that feels neither contrived or redundant, but rather clever and genuine. All these worries are passionately crooned by Misty’s smooth voice and set to guitar and piano instrumentals that I find naturally calming. I highly suggest giving this album a listen with a cup of tea and a sense of existential dread.

4. ‘DAMN,’ Kendrick Lamar.

Of course Kendrick Lamar is going to be on this list. Even though “DAMN.” is not my favorite Lamar album, even an average album by Lamar is leagues above his contemporaries. This album was interesting for me because it contained some of Lamar’s most radio friendly hits, as well as some of his most experimental tracks. Comparing the radio darling “Humble” to the adventurous “XXX” (which featured U2 of all artists), feels like day and night for me, yet they both compliment the album equally.

3. ‘Forever,’ Code Orange

For me, “Forever” was the best Metal album of 2017. It encapsulates what I love about Metal- when listening to the album feels like the noise is filling up the whole room, even if you’re just listening with headphones. Code Orange sounds larger than life on this album, and they sound angrier than ever. In my book, it is not a good Metal album unless it makes you want to get in a fight with someone, and though I do not condone violence of any sort, that is exactly how “Forever” makes you feel.

2. ‘You Never Walk Alone,’ BTS

“You Never Walk Alone” features the song that I showed my mom to introduce her to K-Pop. This album is a perfect demonstration of K-Pop at its best, and the song “Blood Sweat and Tears” is emblematic of the entire album. The song is a K-Pop masterpiece. The production is incredible, the range of voices are all perfectly pitched, and its music video looks like a renaissance painting brought to life in a 2017 world. Every part of it feels both classic and innovative. If you’ve never listened to K-Pop, this would be a fantastic choice for a first listen.

1. ‘Scum F**k Flower Boy,’ Tyler, the Creator

This album is Tyler’s best produced, best rapped and even best sung. “Scum F**k Flower Boy” sounds like an orange dreamsicle melting in your hand in the middle of August- the album is just so dreamlike and atmospheric while simultaneously melancholy and some-what gritty. I think this album shows off of how Tyler can grab audience’s attention just by being the artist he is, and not by using his comedy or anger that he has used on previous efforts.