Local ghost story hits theaters

Megan Behnke, Staff Writer

Horror movies these days are usually a hit or miss. Scary, not scary. Jump scares, no jump scares. If it’s actually good or not. The new “horror” movie, “The Bye Bye Man,” is based on a somewhat true story that happened in the 1990s from the book “The President’s Vampire” by Robert Damon Schneck in the chapter “The Bridge to Body Island.”

In the book/real life, three college students experience strange events after experimenting with a Ouija board that dictates the terrifying legend of the bogeyman, an albinic psychic serial killer residing in 2Oth Century Louisiana. In the movie, three college students rent a house in a suburb and ultimately summon “The Bye Bye Man” accidentally.

Both the book and movie are set in a very familiar area. In the beginning of the movie, it’s first set in our state capital of Madison then mostly set in the northeast suburb of Sun Prairie, which is where the origin of the story took place.

I don’t think there hasn’t been an actual well-done horror movie, that wasn’t a sequel, in years. “The Bye Bye Man” was made out to be this horrifying movie about the bogeyman but it wasn’t really that scary. Most “jump scares” were predictable. You knew that something would jump out or you had a feeling something bad was going to happen like someone would die.

On the horror scale I would rate it one out of four stars. For the actual movie I would rate it a three out of four. The plotline overall was easy to follow and understandable, like the fact that the kids were getting sick, hallucinating or hearing sounds (i.e. banging or howls) when the “The Bye Bye Man” was getting close, acting could have been better but it was good.