MGMT releases new sounds on new album

Callie Vasey, Staff Writer

Move over posers. MGMT’s new self-titled album has officially dropped and it’s nothing like the first two. If you’re looking for some new songs that resemble “Time to Pretend” or “Kids”, well you might as well stop while you’re ahead.

Some people don’t understand MGMT’s genius. What the band did on their first two albums, they will never go back too. The band is constantly changing their sound and the influences of their music. On this new album, MGMT uses more percussion, effects and electronics to their songs and this album has a ‘60s pop feel to it.

“Mystery Disease” really gives you the feeling of being in a fun house and it’s really creepy but you still like it. “Cool Song No. 2” has an exotic feel to it, and you can’t help but wiggle around in your chair to it.

But the song that stood out most to me was “I Love You Too, Death.”  This song starts off with giggles, then really weird flute noises. Out of nowhere come vocals and at first it’s a little off-putting.  The type where you think, “Hmm, am I ever going to give this a second listen?” After a little ways through, the song changes and comes together perfectly. Andrew Vanwyngarden’s vocals are stronger on this new album, but he still manages to keep his never-ending falsetto voice. The background vocals compliment the song well too.

A very close second or possible tie would be the closer song, “An Orphan of Fortune.” The importance of this closer song will only be known if you give it a strong listening too, although if you’ve only listened to “Time to Pretend” and “Kids,” your expectations might not be what you’re hoping.

As for me, I’ll always be an MGMT fan.